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Meet the team


Meet the team


Jill Landry / Owner + Lead Designer

My craft began at a very young age when I returned from a walk in the woods with a large bunch of Lady Slippers and handed them to my mother. Yes, these stems are indeed endangered but even at the age of six I could not resist the urge to pick them. From then on you could find me picking across our acres of farm gardens or trimming fresh pine and holly berry for holiday swags. I can still smell lilacs before they are seen, stare at a peony for hours and feel a connection to all things rooted. Never did I believe I could take this love and develop it into an actual career! In a world where career dissatisfaction is common, I am truly lucky to love what I do. There is something incredibly rewarding about meeting a client for the first time, listening to their newborn ideas, becoming familiar with their own uniqueness, and within minutes create sketches of their dream day. Seeing the sudden comfort and trust on a couple’s face after a few photos and brainstorming sessions is remarkable. Creating a sense of ease and growing a personal connection with my clients is important to me. Listening to their ideas and turning them into concepts is the art. The true magic of my job is to transform their ideas into reality with my own hands and watch the tears of joy and giant smiles on their day. It never gets old.

Aside from the love of flowers, I share the same passion for horses and have spent my entire life riding. If you visit the studio which is located on our farm, you will see lots of them here!

I am also the proud Mom to my baby daughter, Mazie Jane.


Jackie / Lead Designer

After graduating from a floral design program, my love of floral design brought me to beach plum floral. I love the designing aspect of it and the creative freedom. Designing and creating the wedding that brides have always imagined and seeing everything from a vision come to life on their wedding day is very rewarding.

During time off I like to spend it with my dog Bella, going on adventures and traveling! Whether it's a quick drive to the north shore for the day or driving cross country, I am always up for adventure and seeing this beautiful world we live in!

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Courtney / Lead Designer

Hi, I’m Courtney, one of the lead designers at Beach Plum Floral + Event Design. I began designing about 6 years ago, after taking floral design classes at Norfolk County Agricultural High School. I have had a love of flowers my whole life after spending hours in the garden and visiting fun plant nurseries with my mom and aunt. A few of my favorite flowers are Dahlia, Ranunculus & Sweet Pea, although I love them all. Floral design is my passion and I love to help people create the perfect setting for their most special day! Spring is my favorite time of year, especially here in New England. Warmer weather and seeing all the new color in the landscape always inspires me!


Chelsea / Lead Designer Newbury Street location

Originally from upstate New York, Chelsea is an Ithaca College graduate and lover of all things nature. She spent her winters in the Hudson Valley and summers on the beaches of Cape Cod, working under her Aunt Joanie at J. Doyle Florals on weddings throughout Cape Cod and the South Shore. Chelsea believes that every wedding should be a unique reflection of the couple, and goes beyond the role of a floral designer to create custom works of art. With an appetite for creative inspiration, Chelsea draws from nature for lush, romantic & sustainable designs.


Maddi / Designer + Office Manager

Meet Maddi, a designer fueled with the passion for creativity. Growing up with her mom who has a history in floral design and her aunt who also owns a floral design studio in the D.C. area, it’s almost as if floral design was destined in her blood. After years of a true longing for unique creative freedom in her career, Maddi quickly jumped at an opportunity to work for Beach Plum and loved everything about it. She now sees herself in a lifelong career of floral and event design. With a soft spot for being an integral part of a couple’s big day, Maddi loves everything about the wedding industry and bringing someone's special vision to life. Her favorite style of wedding is a rustic/industrial mix with touches of bohemian. She loves earthy and wild floral designs with deep purples, maroons, and lots of greens. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Boston, Maddi has also taken on the role of Office Manager to help keep up with all of the behind the scenes work that goes into giving someone the perfect day. If Maddi isn’t in the studio you can find her in the kitchen scoping for yummy new plant-based recipes to cook or wandering the mountains of her favorite state Vermont. A true lover of all things growing and green, Maddi is constantly inspired by flowers and the world around her and can’t wait to grow and evolve as a multi-faceted designer.

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FLoral Donation Program

FLoral Donation Program


What happens to the flowers after the wedding?


Courtesy of Nicole Sanders

Jill Landry knows flowers. As the owner of award-winning Beach Plum Floral and Event Design in Marshfield, Landry creates lush and distinctive bouquets and arrangements for over one hundred weddings each year. She sees first-hand how flowers add color, beauty and deeper meaning to these special ceremonies and celebrations. Yet as Landry's business began to grow, she quickly realized something. "At the end of a long wedding weekend, we have an abundance of fresh flowers remaining," she said. "When we return to pick up all of our décor, the vases are still filled with gorgeous flowers that have many days left in bloom. I wanted to repurpose them somehow. I wanted to do something good...because everyone loves flowers!" That's when Landry heard about Cottage Caregivers, an in-home senior care agency that provides non-medical services to families on the South Shore and Southeastern Massachusetts. This sparked an idea.



Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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